a powerful tool for daily living

Through Mindful Meditation you will learn to:

  • rest the body and calm the mind
  • increase concentration and clarity
  • nurture inner stillness and peacefulness.

the teacher

Sally Polmear is an experienced teacher who has been practising and teaching meditation for fifteen years. Sally has taught classes privately, for the general public, and for organisations including VicHealth, Bush Heritage, The Cancer Council, Capire Consulting Group, Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, the Legal Services Board and the National Australia Bank.

simple techniques

Using simple techniques, you will learn to observe thoughts, feelings and emotions without them being a distraction. By remaining focused in the moment, you can develop a fresh and flexible approach in your relationships, work and daily activities.


Benefits from practising Mindful Meditation include:

  • greater calmness, concentration and clarity
  • enhanced creativity
  • improved health and sleep
  • increased enjoyment of life
  • a kinder attitude towards oneself and others.

Those who have attended Sally’s classes say they have been able to recognise and release tensions, freeing themselves to handle problems with greater skill and enhance their enjoyment of life.

Through Mindful Meditation you can take the opportunity to rest and balance your body and mind, and to meet each day with renewed appreciation and vitality.