Meditation is a powerful tool for daily living.

It is a practical skill that can be learnt to increase your enjoyment of life and overall sense of well-being.

Regular meditation enables you to develop a clear and purposeful awareness, helping you live in a mindful way, attentive to the present moment.

By practicing meditation techniques you train your mind to become focused and calm whilst allowing the body to rest and heal. This enables you to release physical and mental tensions and access inner calmness and clarity even during busy, stressful and challenging times.

Through Mindful Meditation you will learn to:

  • rest the body and calm the mind
  • increase concentration and clarity
  • nurture inner stillness and peacefulness.

simple techniques

Using simple techniques such as focusing on the sensations of the body and the breath, you learn to observe thoughts, feelings and emotions without being distracted by them. By staying focused in the present moment, you develop a fresh and flexible approach in your relationships, work and everyday activities.

Through regular meditation you rest and balance body and mind, equipping yourself to meet each day and each moment with renewed appreciation, wisdom and vitality.


Some of the benefits that can arise from meditation practice:

  • increased calmness and clarity
  • the ability to maintain concentration
  • fostering of creativity and insight
  • improved health and sleep patterns
  • inner stability in difficult circumstances
  • increased contentment, vitality and enjoyment of life
  • the ability to experience the moment as it unfolds
  • a deeper sense of connection to the world
  • a kinder attitude towards oneself and others.