Those who have attended Sally’s classes say they have been able to recognise and release tensions, freeing themselves to handle problems with greater skill and enhance their enjoyment of life.

Sally is the most wonderful teacher who brings grace and generosity to every class. She has managed to demystify meditation and make it accessible and helpful in even the busiest lives. Learning to understand the value of bringing mindfulness to each moment and meditation to each day has been a rich – and continuing – journey.

Nicole, consultant

I found Sally’s course to be very well directed and perfect for those aiming to gain practical benefit from meditation, with thoughtful insights rather than a set belief structure.

David, Fundraising Project Officer

The way Sally ran the sessions really worked for me – mixture of talking and practice, with plenty of the latter, loved the quotes, and the beautiful way she set up the room with flowers and cloths – that’s really important to me. Sally gave people space for feedback too – enough but not too much.

Clare, writer

Sally is a skilful and sensitive teacher.  She is able to bring the essence of mindfulness meditation into a creative and accessible form that allows both beginners to learn and those who have meditated before, to grow in their practice.

Sally’s approach is practical and allows mindfulness to extend beyond the room so that people can learn to wake up to their moment to moment reactions.  As a student of Sally’s for many years, I highly recommend her classes.

Jill, counselling time

Sally’s sessions have been so helpful in keeping a lid on the craziness of young kids, family and working life. We often talk about the ideas that came up in her classes- they act as good circuit breakers when perspective is lost.

Tim, Secondary Teacher and Rebecca, Full-time Mum

I just wanted to comment and praise Sally on how wonderful her meditation CD is. I’ve been trying to meditate everyday and I do feel the difference when I do, and when I don’t. I feel calmer and feel like I’m treating myself better and others around me.

Donna, Consultant

This has been a great experience for me and I looked forward to every session each week as it was such a highlight for me. I feel quite well equipped now to deal with a lot of things, and I even find myself giving words of wisdom to others to help them de-stress as well!

Alessia, Architect

We often reflect on what a gifted teacher and mindfulness mentor Sally is- aside from knowing so much about the topic and the philosophy of living a better life, she is also encouraging, patient, understanding and shows enormous empathy for everyone, which makes those weekly classes a lovely space to be part of.

Liz and Andrew, Social workers