Mindful Meditation offers small group courses, private consultations and workplace sessions.

Seven Week Courses

These courses are suitable for beginners or those with prior meditation experience.

The classes introduce a variety of practical meditation techniques and mindfulness practices that foster a more relaxed, focused and balanced approach to daily life.

The methods practised are drawn from techniques that have been used for centuries in the Buddhist tradition. Influences from other spiritual traditions are also included. The classes are taught in a secular way.

Participants are encouraged to explore and ascertain which methods are most suited to their individual needs.

The classes are conducted in a relaxed manner combining instruction and guided meditation with discussion, feedback and questions. The sessions are also enriched by the use of poetry, quotes and prose sourced from many different traditions.

A summary of each session is emailed weekly to participants, including suggestions for meditation and mindfulness practice between classes to deepen the benefits from the course. Participants find this a helpful reference.


The workshops provide the opportunity for relaxation, stillness and quiet. They are designed as a nurturing retreat from our usual activities and a chance to deepen the experience of meditation and mindfulness practice.
A generous morning tea is provided and forms part of the mindfulness practice. Individual dietary requirements are catered for.
The courses and workshops compliment each other.

Private consultations

Individual sessions are available. Please contact Sally on 0400 995 079 for further information.

Workplace Sessions

Sessions are tailored to meet the group’s requirements, both in content and timing. Contact Sally on 0400 995 079.

Those who have attended Sally’s classes say they have been able to recognise tensions, freeing themselves to handle problems with greater skill and enjoy their lives more fully.

what to bring

Bring a cushion and a blanket

Wear comfortable, loose clothing

You will have a choice of sitting on a chair or the floor